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Classroom Training

Classroom teaching is aided with many modern facilities like air-conditioning convenience, internet and intranet connectivity and hi-tech multimedia and audio visual equipment.We are located in the heart of Kolkata, Near City Centre 1, Salt Lake City. ETechGuys is housed in over 12,000 Sq. Ft. area with two centres nearby (BD-80 & BD-82) complete with wide and spacious A.C Computer Labs & Lecture Halls which in turn are equipped with the most updated IT equipment and requisite peripherals. Our modern theme based smart classrooms are well equipped with LED projection, separate work station facilities for advanced training for every individual.

We want our students should be compete with others, successfully work on real time projects, That is why we provide quality training and several features to make our students technically very strong.
Student can attend the classes flexible times.

We have weekday and weekend batches, Student can attend both weekday and weekend classes and listen the same topic twice with pre-recorded class . It helps a lot to every student especially who are new to IT field.
We provide required information to practice and get hands on training. Every step by step instruction to install software on your machine.

Best part of the training is Mock Interview sessions, Group Discussions, and Resume reviews and different types of questions students faced in the interviews share with new students.

You will get the knowledge and learn from most experienced IT people.

We provide Hands on training! We discuss about Banking, Insurance, Telecom and Supply chain domain knowledge.

First Demo CLASS IS FREE!!!!

If you are having any problems to practice on your computer, we will provide remote access to practice on our computer. You can also attend the live class through Skype or Google hangout from your home.

Daily/Weekly assignments and review the assignments to make sure student properly worked on assignments.

Our training process comprises of real time business scenarios to increase your knowledge and confidence level.

We are pretty sure that no other training institute is providing all these features .