Share Trading

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Share Trading

Share trading - is the practice of capitalising on the free market by buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies. 
"Buy low, sell high" is the motto for share traders.
 When you buy shares at a low price and sell shares at a higher price you make a profit.

Course Duration: 40 Hrs.(2-3months)                Timings: Weekends/Custom/Flexible
Mode of Training:  Regular/Fast Track               Class Duration: 4hrs weekly
Course Outlines:

1.Introduction of Capital Market

  • Stock Exchange
  • Index

2.Market Type

  • Corporate Hierarchy
  • Market Phase

3.Products in the Secondary Market

4.Stock / Share  Trading

5.Market Screen

  • Invoking an Inquiry System

6.Order Management

  • Trade Management

7.Contract Note

  • Fund Ledger

8.Trading Member

  • Stock Broker
  • Sub Broker

9.Introduction of Depositary Participant

  • ISIN
  • Beneficiary Account
  • Pool Account

10.Clearing  and Settlement

  • Fund Settlement
  • Securities Settlement 
  • Auction

11.Useful web site analysis for trading purpose and Research

12.How to go about systematically analyzing a company?

13.Fundamental Valuation Concept

  • What is meant by the Time Value of Money

14..Ratio Analysis

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage/Capital structure Ratios
  • Profitability ratios


  • Introduction of Future and Options

16.Future and Option Trading System

17.Moneyness of an Option

  • Derivatives Clearing and Settlement

18.Commodity Derivatives

  • Commodity Derivatives Markets in India
  • Indian commodity Exchange 

19.Mutual Funds

  • Introduction
  • Mutual Funds : Structure In India
  • Role of the AMC

20. Legal Framework

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  • Course Duration: hours
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