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Test Automation Using Selendroid :The course is a mix of case driven, instructor-led, and self paced learning, designed to enable participants learn, experiment and implement the concepts covered in Selenium tool.To enable a thorough hands-on of the concepts taught in the class room, the course is structured around a set of formal case studies.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs(2-3 months)                  Timings: Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training:  Regular/Fast Track               Class Duration: 4hrs weekly

Course Outlines:

Module 1: 

  • Brushup to Selenium webdriver & TestNG

    • What is Selenium Webdriver

    • API’s of Selenium Webdriver

    • TestNG features

    • TestNG annotations

    • Result analysis

Module 2: 

  • Introduction to Selendroid

    • What is mobile testing

    • Tools available for mobile automation

    • History of Selendroid

    • Features of Selendroid

    • Selendroid using Webdriver

    • Selendroid components

    • Architecture of Selendroid

    • Selendroid VS Appium

Module 3: 

  • Types of Applications and API for Selendroid 

    • Difference between Native, Hybrid & Web app. Configuration of Android

    • Download and Configure android on local machine

    • Understanding diff. between API level & Android version

    • API level and Android versions supported by Selendroid

Module 4: 

  • Getting started with Selendroid

    • Selendroid basic commands

    • Start first test with Selendroid

    • Configuration ANDROID-HOME variable

    • Configure various levels for Selendroid

    • Starting Selendroid server from cmd prompt

    • Configuring Android emulator

    • Connecting real devices

    • Selendroid locators

    • Identify element using Selendroid Inspector

    • Selendroid Capabilities

    • Test script execution with native app.

    • Test script execution with web app.

Module 01:

  • Introduction to Appium

    • What is Appium

    • Features of Appium

    • Wedriver wire protocol

    • Architecture of Appium

    • UI Automator

Module 02:

  • Installation of Appium on Windows 

    • Pre requisite for Appium

    • Download Appium jars and dependencies

    • Starting Appium server

    • Installing ADT in Eclipse

    • Running simple Test

Module 03:

  • Appium desired capabilities and Locators

    • Understanding Desired Capabilities class

    • Installing ADT Eclipse Plugin

    • Connecting real device to USB and running ADB commands

    • Identifying mobile elements

    • Work with UIautomator

    • Appium Inspector

    • Finding Element by IDs, Xpath etc.

Module 04:

  • Appium Testing Native App.

    • Adding a contact in phonebook

    • Searching contact and dial the number

    • Find elements by classname and ID

    • Testing Internal calculator app

    • Drag & Drop

    • Touch and key events

Module 05: 

  • Appium Testing web App. 

    • Opening website on Chrome browser

    • Executing WebApp test on Chrome browser

    • Locating Elements on a Chrome Browser

Module 06: 

  • Appium Testing on Hybrid App

    • Testing WhatsApp

    • Sending Message


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  • Course Duration:30 hours
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