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Performance Testing

Performance Testing  Course Training Program                       

Its an automated load testing tool that allows you to test the performance/load of the application before, during, and after deployment. This course is designed to give you a foundation in load testing tasks. The LoadRunner Virtual User Generator (VUGen), Controller and Analysis (Report tool) will be covered in this course. You will create VUGen script to create scenarios and run load test scenarios using the Controller. The Analysis is used to analyze load test results. You will learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is run. All topics are supported by hands-on labs designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to load test the system using LoadRunner.

Course Duration: 40 Hrs.(2-3months)                  Timings: Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training:  Regular/Fast Track                Class Duration: 4hrs weekly

Course Outlines:


1.Introduction to Performance Testing

What is Testing?

What is Performance Testing?

Why Performance Testing?

Types of Performance Testing

Common Performance problems

Performance Testing process

Performance testing tools

2.Introduction to LoadRunner

What is LoadRunner?

Why LoadRunner?

LoadRunner Components

LoadRunner Protocols Protocol Advisor

LoadRunner components


LoadRunner Architecture

How LoadRunner works?

Load Test Process


What is Vugen?

Why Vugen?

Vugen Workflow

Vugen Recording options


What is Correlation?

Why Correlation?

Web_reg_save_param() function

Correlation text flags

Correlation Rules


What are checkpoints?

Types of checkpoints ?


What are Transactions?

Why Transactions?

Syntax with example

Nested Transactions with syntax and example

Transaction standards

7.Comments in script:

Why to use comments in the scripts?

How to insert comments in the scripts?

8.Vugen Logs:

Vugen logs

Recorded log

Replay log

Compilation errors Errors

 Warnings Runtime Data

Script Structure:

Script Structure

Multiple action files

Script Rules


What is Parameterization?

Why Parameterization?

Objectives of Parameterization

Parameter types

Simulate Parameters

Parameter Properties

Parameter combinations

C functions and File concepts



How to create a File to store data?

How to create Unique File & How to verify created file?

RunTime Settings

Run Logic



Think Time


Speed Simulation

Browser Emulation

Content Check


Blocks – Multiple Actions

Think time vs Pacing

LR Functions, LR Versions & Vugen Error Messages

Load Runner Functions

Load Runner Versions

Vugen Error


Script covering all topics

Explanation of web

Tours application script which covers all the above topics


Web Bundle Protocol

SAP Bundle Protocol

Oracle NCA Protocol

Ajax Tru client Protocol


What is Controller?

Scenarios Creation

Design and Run Views

Post execution activity

Scenario Checklist


What is Analyzer?

Auto Load Analysis

Session Explorer

90th Percentile

Analyzer Graphs

Analyzer Reports



Auto Correlate

Cross Results

Merge Graphs

Performance Analysis Approach

Performance Analysis approach

Server Monitoring metrics

Performance Bottlenecks

Some other important topics

Server Monitoring tool


Dummy Project covers PT end to end process

Resume Guidance & Interview session


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  • Course Duration:40 hours
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