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VBA Classes are for you, if you,Make repetitive reports, dashboards or slides and looking for ways to automate,Want to learn VBA to understand and use Excel better,Want to use Excel for more powerful & demanding tasksOr just curious & want to learn something new.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs.(2-3months)                                                     Timings: Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training:  Regular/Fast Track                                             

Introduction to VBA 

• Introduction to Excel  

• Introduction to Programming

• Introduction to VBA 

• How to launch Visual Basic Editor

• What you can do with Macros 

• How to use Visual Basic Editor (VBE)? 

Understanding Loops & Writing VBA Code 

• Using Do While Loop & IF Statement in VBA 

• DO WHILE Loop Explained  

• Using FOR NEXT Loop in Excel 

• Using SELECT CASE Statement in VBA & Working with User Defined Functions (UDF)

Variables & More

• Sneak peek in to Excel Object Model

• Deep Dive in to VBA: Theory on Variables, Scoping etc.

 • How to Save and Reuse your Macros

 • Introduction to Databases [Bonus Lesson] 

Dealing with Cells & Ranges 

• Displaying Message Boxes using VBA

• Understanding & Using Cells Object

 • File Handling: Opening, Reading & Writing to Files from VBA

 • Wrapping a Set of Formulas with IFERROR [Practical Track] 

Workbooks, Worksheets & Databases 

• Introduction to MS Access & SQL [Bonus Track]

 • Using Worksheets, Workbook Objects in VBA: Example on how to save a copy of workbook

 • Consolidate Multiple Workbooks in to one using VBA

 • Delete Blank Cells & Sort a List using VBA

 • Generating Multiple PDF Reports using VBA 

Working with Charts & Shapes 

• Creating Spark-line Chart in Excel using VBA

 • Cleaning up multiple charts using VBA

 • Interactive Excel Charts using VBA

 • Animating Excel Charts with VBA 

Working with Pivots

• Pivot Tables & VBA: Example #1

 • Generating Multiple Pivot Table Reports using VBA

 • BONUS: Guest Lecture on Pivot Tables & VBA by Debra 

User Forms & Databases 

• Linking to Databases from Excel & Working with them

 • User Form Basics

• User Form Basics: Lesson #2

More User Forms & Example Application 

• Understanding User Form Events & Working with Multiple Forms

• Building an Application using User Forms & VBA

Integrating with Word & PowerPoint 

Generate MS Word Reports from Excel

 • Create a PPT Slide Deck from Excel 

Additional VBA Techniques 

• Running a Macro when user selects a cell

• Showing & Hiding information using VBA

 • Text Processing & Analysis using VBA 

Class Project & More 

• Class Project #1: Alphabet Reader App in Excel & VBA

• Class Project #2: Back Office Tracker App in Excel & VBA

 • Using Arrays in VBA

 • Building a Workbook Change Tracker App using VBA [Practical Track]

 • Debugging & Error Handling in VBA [Bonus Lesson] 

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  • Course Duration:30 hours
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