Oracle RAC with ASM 11g

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Oracle RAC with ASM 11g

Oracle RAC DBA (Grid Infrastructure 11gr2) Training .This is an intensive full time hands-on in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) course.The course focuses on ASM Concept , RAC architecture, installation , administration, backup and recovery , Monitoring and performance through OEM.

Training Duration: 20 hrs

Course Topics:

Session 1:

Introduction :

Introduction of Clusters

Advantages of Using RAC

RAC Architecture And Concepts

Oracle release 11gr2 overview

Background Processes

Introduction to 11g RAC daemons

Storage Options for RAC Database :

Introduction to ASM

Advantages of ASM

Session 2 : 

RAC Installations :

Installing Cluster Ready Services (Grid Infrastructure 11gr2)

ASM configure

Install Database Software (Rdbms 11gr2)

Session 3:

RAC Database Creation:

Creating the Cluster Database

Manage redo log groups in a RAC environment

Manage undo Tablespaces in a RAC environment

Oracle Rac net services 

Introduction to SCAN listener

Session 4:

Introduction to ASM and Rac tools 





RAC Administration :

SRVCTL necessity in RAC

Starting and Stopping instances and database

Enabling and Disabling services

Working with spfile in RAC environment

Management of OCR and Voting Disk

Session 5 :

Managing Backup and Recovery in RAC :

Consideration for Logical Backups in RAC (Datapump )

Physical Backup and Recovery in RAC through RMAN

Design for high availability :

Migration to RAC (single instance to multi-instance)

Adding Node and deleting nodes in existing RAC

Configure Server and client side connect -time load balancing

Configure and manage services with srvctl commands

Session 6 :

RAC Monitoring and performance aspects and Use of Enterprise 


Determine RAC specific Performance issue

Administrating Services with EM

EM Cluster Database Performance pages

Q and A session

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  • Course Duration:30 hours
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