Basic Computer

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Basic Computer

Basic Computer 

Course Duration: 30 Hrs.(2-3months)                                                     Timings: Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training:  Regular/Fast Track                                 Class Duration: 4hrs weekly

Course Outlines:

IT BASICS I                                                                                                                                      

Computers - An overview of computer and systems                                            

a. Elements of Computer System, Hardware & Software

b. Block diagram of a computer, CPU, Memory, Input/ Out devices

c. Mouse and Keyboard

d. Using a mouse (single and double click and their functions)

e. Printers, Scanners, Multi-functional Printer

f. UPS, Generator

g. CD, DVD, USB Drives (Flash / Pen Drives)

h. Identification of different types of cables

Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Linux - Operating System   

a. Start, Shutdown and Restart

b. Desktop, Icons, Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Documents

c. Minimizing, Maximizing, Resizing and Closing Windows

d. Files and folders, directory tree, drives

e. Coping / moving files between folders and drives

f. Renaming, Deleting files and folders

g. Searching, Finding files and folders

h. Launching an application and closing an application

i. Taskbar – Setting up / changing date and time

Web browsers, email and Internet                                                                            

a. Introduction to Internet

b. Searching the web

c. Emailing


a. Creating a new worksheet

b. Opening an existing worksheet

c. Editing and Saving a worksheet

d. Creating, Renaming and Deleting worksheets in a workbook

e. Types of data (Numeric, text etc.)

f. Entering in a cell

g. Manipulation of a cell, row and column (deleting, inserting, finding, replacing,

copying and moving)

h. Justifying in a cell, Merging cells and columns

i. Addition, Subtraction and using formula

j. Selecting Font and Font Sizes

k. Using and manipulating tables, inserting / deleting of rows and columns

l. Sorting Columns

m. Using Header and footer, Inserting Page number

n. Border and Shading of cells, rows and columns

o. Formatting page, margins, page size, portrait and landscape

p. Selecting area for printing, Printing of a worksheet and workbooks, Using printpreview

q. Copy / moving text between two different worksheets and workbooks

r. Using Chart Wizard, Creation of different types of charts

s. Shortcuts for various activities in MS Excel


  1. Basic of MS Word
  2. Customize Text
  3. Find & Replace
  4. Change Case
  5. Insert Table
  6. Header & footer
  7. Insert  Watermark
  8. Insert textbox
  9. Bookmark
  10. Page orientation
  11. Mail merge
  12. Hyperlink
  13. Spell check
  14. Protect document
  15. Use of  Macro

MS-Power Point

  1. Basic of Power Point
  2. Customizing common options in Power point
  3. Type of Power point file
  4. Create Different type of slide
  5. Design Template
  6. Custom animation
  7. Slide Transitions
  8. Group & ungroup
  9. Insert movie and sound
  10. Insert emotion
  11. Create table & chart
  12. Create master slide
  13. Set Up Presentation
  14. Smart Art Graphics
  15. Write notes in presentation
  16. Print of presentation


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