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Advanced Microsoft Excel


This Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 & 2013 training class is designed for students to gain the skills necessary to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others…….

Duration: 25 Hrs                                                                                       

Course Outline

1. Overview of the Basics

A) Customizing Common Options In Excel

B) Absolute and Relative Cells

C) Protecting and Un-Protecting Worksheet S And Cells

2. Working with Functions

A) Writing Conditional Expressions (Using IF)

B) Using Logical Functions: IF, AND, OR, NOT, IFERROR, TRUE, FALSE Etc.

C) Using Lookup and Reference Functions: Lookup, Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match

D) IF Function With AND, OR, NOT, VLOOKUP Etc.

E) PMT Function.

F) PV & FV Function.

G) Text Function: UPPER, Lower, Proper, Char, Exact, Len, Left, Right, Replace, Rept, Mid, Trim Etc.

H) Date & Time Function: DATE, TIME, TODAY, NOW, DAY, MONTH, WEEKDAY Etc.

3. Data Validations

A) Specifying a Valid Range Of Values For A Cell

B) Specifying a List of Valid Values For A Cell

C) Specifying Custom Validations Based On Formula for a Cell

4. Working With Templates

A) Designing the Structure Of A Template

B) Using Templates For Standardization Of Worksheets

5. Sorting And Filtering Data

A) Sorting Tables

B) Using Multiple-Level Sorting

C) Using Custom Sorting

6. Working with Reports

A) Creating Subtotals

B) Multiple-Level Subtotals


7. Creating Pivot Tables

A) Formatting and Customizing Pivot Tables

B) Using Advanced Options of Pivot Tables

C) Pivot Charts

8. Database Management

A) Student Information with exam result management

B) Employer Salary Sheet with Employer attendance Management.

C) Prepare Invoice.

D) Bank Customer Info with Loan Management.

9.Using Review

A) Spelling

B) Research

C) Translate

D) Thesaurus

E) Comment

F) Protect & Unprotect

G) Share Workbook

10. Using Data

A) Get External Data.

B) Using Outline (Group & Ungroup)

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