Taxation & E-Filling

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Taxation & E-Filling


Course Duration: 40 Hrs.(2months)                                                               Mode of Training:Regular/Fast

Timings:Weekends/Custom/Flexible                                                          Class Duration: 4hrs weekly


1   Introduction of Basic Accounts & Finance
2    Advantage of Computer Accounting
3    Introduction of Tally ERP 9 with Features Activity
4    Creatation of a Company with Accounts and  Inventorty Mode
5    Company Modification / Deletion/Shut
6    Create of using password and Vault
7    Ledger Create with Single / Multiple Mode
8    Ledger View at a Glance
9    Ledger Modification / Deletion
10    Unit of Measure Creation
11    Inventory  Creations / Viewing/ Deletion
12    Live Finance / Accounts Entry with Payment, Receipt, Contra and Journal Vourchars
13    Purchase & Sales Entry with / without Inventory
14    Vouchars Modification / Deletion / Date Change
15    Inventory Management Control with Live Entry pass of 
    Purchase/Sales Return, Debit /Credit Note, Delivery/Receipt
    Note , Rejection In/Out With Inventory Report
16    Cash Book/ Bank Book , Purchase/Sales Register with Customised Features Added
17    Shortcut Key for Ledger Creation from Vouchars
18    Viewing for Trial Balance / Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet
19    Stock Summary / Ratio Analysis
20    Day Book, Ledger Finance Status Etc.
21    Cash and Bank Flow Statement
22    Bank Reconciliation Statement with Customized Feature Added
23    List of Accounts / Exceptional Report
24    Maintain Debtors & Creditors Bills by Bill
25    Debtors and Creditors Outstanding Details
26    Group Creatation
27    Vouchar Type Creation
28    Single / Multiple Godown Creation with Inventory Effecting
29    POS 
30    Cost Centre / Cost Categories with multiple Effect
31    Use Budgetary Control
32    Use Actual and Billed Quantity
33    Maintain Batch wise Stock Details
34    Using Live Demo with How to Maintain  Personal Accounts, Trading Accounts and
    Manufacturing Accounts
35    Marged / Split Company
36    Opening Balance Entry / Stock Entry from Books of Accounts in a Financial year
37    Payroll Management
38    Basic Concept with Utilised of Statutory Compliances Like :VAT, CST, Service Tax
    TDS, TCS, P.Tax, P.F, ESIC, Income Tax, FBT, Excise, MCA in a Company and
    its Implementation as per Govt. Guidelines
39    Vat Systems use with Multiple effect in the books of accounts
40    CST Systems Use with Multiple Effect in the books of Accounts
41    Excise Invoice Create for Manufacturer and Dealer / 1st Stage and 2nd Stage
42    Service Tax utilised with Multiple Effect in the books of Accounts
43    TDS and TCS features Added with Multiple Effect in the books of Accounts
44    Live Demo of E-Filling of VAT, CST, Service Tax, P.Tax, Excise, P.F and ESIC
45    Computation of Income Tax, Section wise TDS Deduction / TCS Collections


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  • Course Duration:40hr hours
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