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QuickBooks is Intuit Inc's set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, ... marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies

Course Duration: 40 Hrs.(2.5months)                    Timings:Weekends/Custom/Flexible            

Modeof Training:Regular/Fast Track             Class Duration: 4hrs weekly

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Topic 1A: Introduction
Topic 1B: Types of Quick books
Topic 1C: Features of Quick Books
Topic 1D: Users to be added in different types of Quick books
Topic 1E: File Extensions used in the QuickBooks
Topic 1F: Transactions Limits in QuickBooks
Topic 1G: Comparison with different types of QuickBooks
Topic 1H: Features of Different types of QuickBooks
Topic 1J: New in 2015 QuickBooks

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company
Topic 2A: Setting up New Company
                 a) Express Start
                 b) Detailed Start
                 c) Create a new company file based on an existing one
                 d) Converting the data from Other Accounting Software

Lesson 3: Working with File
Topic3A: Take the Local Backup
Topic3B: Take the Online Backup
Topic3C: Restore the Backup File
Topic3D: Portable Company File
Topic3E: Open a Second Company
Topic3F: Hosting Multi User Access
Topic3G: Import and Exporting IIF Files
Topic3H: Use of Verify, Rebuild and Condensing the Data
Topic3I: Restore Backup for Earlier Quick book Versions
Topic3J: Accountant’s Copy
Topic3K: Difference between Find & Search

Lesson 4: Preferences
Topic4A: Preferences on Accounting 
Topic4B: Preferences on Bills 
Topic4C: Preferences on Calendar
Topic4D: Preferences on Checking
Topic4E: Preferences on Desktop View
Topic4F: Preference on Finance Charge
Topic4G: General Preference
Topic4H: Preference on Integrated Application
Topic4I: Preference on Items & Inventory
Topic4J: Preference on Jobs & Estimates
Topic4K: Preference on Multiple Currencies
Topic4L: Preferences on Payments

Lesson 5: Lists
Topic5A: Chart of Accounts
Topic5B: Item Lists
Topic5C: Fixed Assets Item List
Topic5D: Price Level List
Topic5E: Billing Rate Level Lists
Topic5F: Sales Tax Code Lists
Topic5G: Other Name Lists
Topic5H: Templates
Topic5I: Memorized Transaction List

Lesson 6: Customer
Topic6A: Setup a New Customer
Topic6B: Create Invoices
Topic6C: Create Batch Invoices
Topic6D: Enter Sales Receipts
Topic6E: Enter Sales Estimates
Topic6F: Enter Sales Order
Topic6G: Enter Credit Memo/Refunds
Topic6H: Enter Sales Receipts
Topic6I: Enter Statement Charges
Topic6J: Receive Payments
Topic6K: Lead Center
Topic6L: Credit Card Processing

Lesson 7: Vendors
Topic7A: Setup New Vendor
Topic7B: Enter Bill
Topic7C: Purchase Order
Topic7D: Converting Purchase order to Bill
Topic7E: Receive Items
Topic7F: Converting Receive Payments to Bill
Topic7G: Difference between Purchase order and Receive Items
Topic7H: Pay Bill
Topic7I: Entering the Credit Bill
Topic7J: Adjusting the Credit with the Open Bill

Lesson 8: Sales Tax
Topic8A: Setup the Sales Tax
Topic8B: Setup the Tax Rate
Topic8C: Pay the Sales Tax
Topic8D: Adjust the Sales Tax Due
Topic8E: Sales Tax Liability
Topic8F: Sales Tax Revenue Summary

Lesson 9: Employee
Topic9A: Set up the New Employee
Topic9B: Setup The Payroll Items
Topic9C: Activating the Manual Payroll
Topic9D: Payroll Schedule Setup
Topic9E: Pay Employee

Lesson 10: Banking
Topic10A: Entering Check Charges
Topic10B: Entering Credit Card Charges
Topic10C: Entering the Deposits from Un- deposited Fund
Topic10D: Transfer Funds
Topic10E: Reconciliation
Topic10F: Setup the Online Banking
Topic10G: Loan Manager

Lesson 11: Reporting
Topic11A: Memorized Reports
Topic11B: Commented Reports
Topic11C: Company Snapshot
Topic11D: Process Multiple Reports
Topic11E: QuickBooks Statement Writer
Topic11F: Company & Financial
Topic11G: Customers & Receivables
Topic11H: Sales
Topic11I: Jobs, Time & Mileage
Topic11J: Vendors & Payables
Topic11K: Purchases
Topic11L: Inventory
Topic11M: Employees & Payroll
Topic11N: Banking
Topic11O: Accountant & Taxes
Topic11P: Budgets & Forecasts
Topic11Q: List
Topic11R: Industry Specific
Topic11S: Contributed Reports
Topic11T: Custom Reports
Topic11U: Quick Report
Topic11V: Transaction History
Topic11W: Transaction Journal

Lesson 12: Accountant
Topic12A: Chart of Accounts
Topic12B: Fixed Asset Item List
Topic12C: Batch Enter Transactions
Topic12D: Client Data Review
Topic12E: Make General Journal Entries
Topic12F: Send General Journal Entries
Topic12G: Reconcile
Topic12H: Working Trial Balance
Topic12I: Set Closing Date
Topic12J: Condense Data
Topic12K: Ask Client about Transaction
Topic12L: View Conversation List
Topic12M: Manage Fixed Assets
Topic12N: QuickBooks File Manager
Topic12O: QuickBooks Statement Writer
Topic12P: Pro Advisor Program
Topic12Q: Online Accountant Resources

Lesson 13: Company
Topic13A: Home Page
Topic13B: Company Snapshot
Topic13C: Calendar
Topic13D: Documents
Topic13E: Lead Center
Topic13F: My Company
Topic13G: Advanced Service Administration
Topic13H: Set Up Users and Passwords
Topic13I: Customer Credit Card Protection
Topic13J: Set Closing Date
Topic13K: Planning & Budgeting
Topic13L: To Do List
Topic13M: Reminders
Topic13N: Alerts Manager
Topic13O: Maintenance Alerts
Topic13P: Chart of Accounts
Topic13Q: Make General Journal Entries
Topic13R: Manage Currency
Topic13S: Enter Vehicle Mileage
Topic13T: Prepare Letters with Envelopes
Topic13U: Export Company File to QuickBooks online

Lesson 14: Employee
Topic14A: Employee Center
Topic14B: Manual Payroll Calculations
Topic14C: Entering Weekly Timesheet
Topic14D: Entering Single Time Activity
Topic14E: Pay Employees
Topic14F: Payroll Taxes and Liabilities
Topic14G: Payroll Setup

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