ETL Tool and Data Warehouse

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ETL Tool and Data Warehouse

ETL tool is uded for for extraction the source data and loading it into the target after applying the required transformation. In the following section, we will try to explain the usage of informatica in the Data Warehouse environment with an example.

Course Duration: 50 Hrs.(3months)                                                         Timings:Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training:Regular/Fast Track                                                    

Course Outlines:

Oracle Concepts ( 11g )

1. Oracle Objects

2. DDL Statements

3. DML Statements

4. TCS Statements

5. Joins

6. Sub Query

7. Correlated Sub Query

8. Oracle Analytical functions

9. Views, Materialized views

10. PL/SQL

Data warehouse Concepts

1. Data Warehouse

2. Data Mart


4. Data Warehouse Architecture (Basic)

5. Data Warehouse Architecture (with a Staging Area)

6. Dimensional Modeling

7. Star Schema

8. Snowflake Schema

9. Dimension

10. Fact

                11. Slowly Changing Dimension

                12. Hierarchy

                13. Confirmed Dimension

                14. Fact less Fact

                15. Summary / Aggregations table

 16. Change Data capture

E T L Informatica Power Center

1. Power Center Components

                a) Designer

b) Repository Manager

                c) Workflow Manager

d) Workflow Monitor

 2. Informatica Concepts and Overview

                a) Informatica Architecture.

b) Source Qualifier

c) Target Qualifier

d) Transformations

                e) Mappings

                f) Mapplets

                g) Sessions

                h) Tasks

 3. Sources

a) Working with relational Sources

                b) Working with Flat Files

 4. Targets

                a) Working with Relational Targets

b) Working with Flat file Targets

 5. Transformations

 a) Expression

 b) Lookup

                 c) Sequence Generator

                 d) Filter

 e) Joiner

 f) Sorter

 g) Procedural

                 h) Router

                 i) Aggregator

 j) Active and Passive Transformations

                 k) Update Strategy

                 l) Data Concatenation

                m) Debugging Mappings

               n)Normalizer Transformation

 6. Mappings &Mapplets

                 a) Mapping Variables & Parameters

 b) Creating Cubes & Dimensions

 c) Working with Mapping Wizards

 7. Workflow Manger

                a) Server Architecture

                b) Workflows, Worklets& Sessions

c) Tasks, Assignments, Events, Command ,email task, decision task ,etc

8. Performance Tuning

                a) Informatica Tuning (Source, target, mapping & Session,pushdown optimisation)

                b) Oracle Tuning (Indexes, MV, Explain plan, Tkprof& SQL Hints)

9. Project - Case Study

 10. Project - Review and Assignment

Distributed systems Scheduling tools:

• Autosys

• AutosysVs Informatics Scheduler.

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  • Course Duration:50 hours
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