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HADOOP Development

Bigdata Hadoop Development Course:

Course Duration: 50 Hrs.(3-4MONTHS)       Timings:Weekends/Custom/Flexible

Mode of Training: Regular/Fast Track       

Module Structure:_____________________________________________________________________
Module 1: Introduction to Bigdata and Hadoop
Time: 4 hrs. (What is bigdata, Advent of hadoop, Motivation for hadoop, Big Data & future of Analytics, Basic hadoop components, hadoop ecosystem projects, Basic installation tips) ______________________________________________________________________
Module 2: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
Time: 4 hrs. (HDFS concepts, File storage on hadoop, HDFS features, Name node and data node, accessing HDFS, Hadoop daemons, cluster configuration, Hands-on exercises on HDFS) ______________________________________________________________________
Module 3: Map Reduce Framework
Time: 6 hrs. (What is mapreduce ?, features of mapreduce, mapreduce flow and representation, Mapper and Reducer, Mapreduce sample wordcount Java code walkthrough and hands-on, Submitting a mapreduce job, Combiners, Partitioners)
Module 4: Hive
Time: 4 hrs. (Introduction to Hive, Hive datatypes, Hive metastore, Physical data layout, Managed and external tables, Loading operations, HIVEQL, Data definition, Data manipulation, Hive query execution, User defined functions, Comparison between pig and hive, Hands-on exercises on hive )
Module 5: Pig
Time: 4 hrs. (Introduction to Pig, Pig concepts and features, Pig’s data model, Pig Latin language constructs, Input and output operations, Relational operations, User defined functions, Running a pig code, Sample pig code walkthrough, Hands-on exercises on pig Latin ) __________________________________________________________________________
Module 5: Big Data Visualization Concepts
Time : 4 hours
(Introduction to Hadoop BI, BI tools & concepts, Introduction to Microsoft PowerBI , Tableau as Big Data realtime analytic tool, sample dashboards, Hands –on analysis lab
Module 6: Other Ecosystem Projects
Time: 8 hrs. (Sqoop Introduction, Sqoop connectors, Basic sqoop syntax, Sample sqoop code, Introduction to Flume, Introduction to HBase, Introduction to Storm & Kafka, Introduction to Apache Spark, Spark-SQL, Introduction to Apache Cassendra.) ___________________________________________________________________________
Module 7 : Hadoop Administration(4 hours)
Single Node Hadoop Deployment, Multi-node Hadoop deployment, Hadoop-deployment on Amazon EC2 Cluster, Hadoop monitoring tools(ganglia, Nagios).

Project Implementation
Time: 12 hrs.
The project would help the students to implement all the concepts and new technologies learnt as part of the course. This would give them a flavor of the practical implementation scenarios of hadoop. The students would be provided with virtual environment

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